Useful information

Useful information


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What are the best times of year to come to Turkey ?

KINACIGROUP built in the beautiful southern coast of Turkey, where the sun shines approximately 300 days a year. The summer season start end March until end November, but all the year you can fully enjoy all the pleasures of owning a property in the Turkish Riviera.

Can I pay my daily purchases in € ?

Although some shops will accept your payments in €, it is strongly advised to have use of the Turkish Liras. No worry, you can easily find an exchange office close to your property.

What about the medical services ?

Turkey has a worldwide known medical reputation. In Alanya, there are 3 private fully equipped hospitals. All hospitals have agreement with major global insurance companies.

How is the general perception of locals toward foreigners ?

To warmly welcome any guests is an inseparable part of the Turkish culture. You can be sure that you will feel just as good as your country (if not more comfortable) any time you visit Turkey.

Is it necessary to learn the language ?

To learn the language is completely up to you. It is not mandatory to learn the language since in places where we operate English is generally widely spoken.

Do the places where you operate have an easy access all year round ?

The biggest airport to the location where we built is the Antalya International Airport, which operates all year round. There are many flights from and to major European airport to Antalya all year round. The nearest airport is Alanya-Gazipasa airport 20 minutes from our projects.

Do I need a Visa to enter Turkey ?

According to your country of arrival a Visa might be necessary. The most citizen can buy there visa on internet.

How many times a year can I come to Turkey ?

There are no restrictions on that matter. You can fully enjoy the pleasures of your property in Turkey as many times as you wish.
Conditions apply for long term stays, please contact us for more information.

What documents do I need to purchase a property ?

All you need to purchase a property in Turkey is a passport and 6 passport size photos.

What are the main points I should be very careful about before purchasing a property ?

There are no legal restrictions for a foreigner to purchase a property except a few ones. The main one you should be aware of is that if the property is within the range of 400 m of a military zone, you won’t have the right to officially own the property (i.e. no title deed) as all purchases from foreigners are sent to the Military for second inspection.
Our company’s offers are all fully inspected and a pre-due diligence has been done before being put on the market. However, should you wish to use a lawyer, we can advise you with a list of independent lawyers that you will hire at your cost.

What is the purchase process ?

Now that you have chosen your ideal property and signed the purchase contract, there are just a few more steps to take in order to get your title deed (called TAPU in Turkish). Our Company representative will first take you to the Tax Office to get a Tax Number. If you do not have Passport Size Pictures with you, a quick tour to the Photo Shop will also be needed. The next step is to go to the Notary and get a Power of Attorney where you’ll give us a one-time authority to follow the purchase and title deed transfer procedure on your behalf. And that’s it, you can now either enjoy the rest of your stay or go with our Representative to furniture shops and start decorating your new property!

Are there any international banks where you operate ?

There are many international banks in locations where we operate (HSBC,ING,Deniz..) but also Turkish banks with offices in Europe (Is Bank,Garanti, Akbank).

How can I be sure that I do a safe purchase ?

All our offers are fully inspected by our property specialists, and only put on the market once a clear due diligence has been done on the property.
Although the laws in Turkey are in favour of the purchaser and a lawyer is not obligatory while doing a purchase, in case you prefer hiring a lawyer, we can advise you with a list of independent attorneys, that you will have to hire at your own cost.

How long do I have to wait before getting my title deed ?

It takes +/- 3-4 months for you to have your title deed starting from the day you purchase a property in Turkey. The main reason for that is due to the fact that official papers from the purchase are sent to the Military, for a last inspection.

What about inheritance ?

Unless not mentioned otherwise, in case something happens to the title deed holder, the property is automatically inherited by the spouse or the children. To make amendments on the title deed would involve legal assistance.

Do I have to pay capital gain tax if I sell my property ?

According to Turkish laws, you do not have to pay capital gain tax if you sell your property after 5 years of ownership.

What are the local taxes I will have to pay ?

There are a couple of municipal taxes to be paid twice a year, but very minimal compared to major other European cities.
You will also have to pay a tax on rent, should you decide to rent out your property in Turkey.

What are the extra costs to purchase a property in Turkey ?

Except the title fee expense, there are absolutely no hidden costs in our offers. The price you see is the final price.

Can I invest in more than one property ?

Yes, there are no restrictions to the number of property you can purchase in Turkey.

Is there any way to get a Turkish mortgage on my property ?

Yes, our company can arrange for you a mortgage on your TURKISH property, please contact us for more information.

How about the insurance ?

Major global insurance companies operate in Turkey, and our company can advise you the companies with the best rates an conditions.



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